Thursday, July 8, 2010

Crunchy the Cow

My friend, Michelle, commissioned me to paint her daughter a piece that represented all the things important to her girl.  This includes Sarah Grace's favorite stuffed animal, Crunchy!  The young tree represents Sarah Grace with the love of her parents that grounds her (notice the upside down heart).  This painting is similar to my "Springtime" one.  Michelle and her daughter were very happy with it!  Phew!


  1. How adorable!

    When my daughter was little she loved cows SOOO much!!

    The birth of my chapbooks.

  2. This is wonderful Denise! How special; what a keepsake, too! I love your Taking Flight (below); you are an artist and an artist should create for oneself. It is our passion and what we can turn to in good times and bad. Hope you're having a good weekend. Best always-Marilyn xxoo